How to create an IDX Real estate web development site with WordPress

This guide is helpful for each broker even for those who don’t have to know- how WordPress and IDX. Making a website with IDX and showcasing your agency online is a step that creates a big change in your leads and avenue. The best part of building a real estate website using IDX on WordPress requires zero codings Yes this is completely true and now you would have hands _on your customized site by yourself. But hiring a real estate development company is the best decision. It would not cost that much on your pocket yet its benefits would be exceptional.
Now have a short view about what are IDX and WordPress

IDX (Internet Data Display)

It is a policy in which the listings of your Real Estate Web Development business are displayed on the internet. It includes the licenses and insurance to get access to MLX listings, combine on their website and show them on the internet. It would the part of your website where users can see your listings.


WordPress is an open, free a website creating website with a large number of ready _to _use templates. It has gathered the attention of users all over the world. With its feature of creating a website using no coding, people love this site. They released new tools and technologies each year into their site.

Steps in creating the website with WordPress

If you are going to create the website follow these steps or simply reach a well known web development company.

1. Choosing the domain name

Your domain name is the exact thing that represents your business i.e. Your domain name should be something that clicks the nature of your business e.g.

How to select the right domain

As discussed earlier, your domain name should be something that matches your business. The best strategy is to go for keywords and you’ll get the maximum results. Some agents put a variation in their domain name slightly different from their actual name. This step is useful only if you already have a developed website and have win leads. But for a new website and for generating leads, try to avoid it. Go to and get your domain.

2. Select hosting

This will go the same like you are inviting some of your friends into your place but what would they do at your home if you are not at your home? Buying hosting means you are making a small home to the internet where people can visit your site and see what are you offering? Your hosting would store the files including content on the website, and other information. Go to Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostgator, and many more to purchase it. These websites offer standard, premium, and yearly plans. Select the one that suits you.
(After this install the WordPress and here you are)

3. Choose IDX software

This is an important step so select it wisely. We are sharing some best 2021 IDX software

    • Showcase IDX
    • iHome Finder
    • IDX Broker
    • Diverse Solutions
    • Select among them the one and choose your real estate web development hosting

      4. Choose an IDX theme

      There are thousands of ready_to_use themes available at WordPress. But creating a real estate website requires some customization. Only you need to focus on some points

        • Choose the theme that is simple and easy to understand by all
        • You have to replace the images from the prepared themes that match your listings
        • Makes sure that it works on all screens and monitors
        • 5. Pick an IDX plugin

          You need to select the plugin that matches your MLX provider. Upon activation, the plugin will add another menu thing named 'IDX' to your WordPress administrator bar. Tapping on it will take you to the plugin’s Settings page. After activation, the plugin offers numerous approaches to add MLS substance to your site. Assuming you are utilizing the demo variant of the plugin, you gain admittance to anecdotal MLS postings.

          6. Connect to the MLS

          With your IDX programming and subject introduced, your land site is coming to fruition. Presently, you can connect it to your MLS. To initiate an iFrame IDX, you'll need to duplicate some code from your IDX supplier to the ideal page on your site. To initiate a Natural/RETS framework, you'll initially have to get a username and secret key to get to your MLS RETS worker. You can do this by calling your MLS and requesting to talk with the RETS director.

          7. Promoting real estate website

          WordPress offers the target audience listings. In this way, you can grab the attention of your desired country or city.


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