Features for your E-commerce site

E-commerce business is increasing day by day. People having short and big set_up are understanding the importance of online trading. The recent condition of the pandemic has uplifted this business than ever. E-commerce Solutions had made the customers trust online products and now they want each product sitting at their place. When talking about the e-commerce business, the name of Amazon is mandatory to mention. Have you ever think what essentials they have put on their website. The specialty they present is the tools they apply to their site.

Let us discuss some important features that you can also use in your e-commerce site and grow your business.

1. Promotion and discount code tools

The success of your business and for sure online business lies in giving time to time discounts and offers. But there is also your benefit hidden behind these offers. The hidden benefit is attracting more and more audience to buy from your site and making more people purchase the items that ultimately gives you profit. But this profit needs a tracking system that makes of your aware how well are you A and B promotion going on. For this, use:

    • Voucherify
    • Talon.One
    • RevLifter
    • Magento
    • Uniqodo

    You can use any of the above tools to track your promotion code.

2. Logo

Your business logo should directly represent your offering in the business. E-Commerce Consulting website should be designed in a manner that its logo grabs the attention of the visitors at first sight and make them your permanent customers. For this, focus on the right color combination, design, and font.

3. Call To Action

If any customers have no know how_ about online shopping and want to make a call to confirm the reliability of the products, your site must include a call to action button. The button should have a sound and the color changing ability whenever the customer presses it. In this way, the client can resolve any confusion.

4. Navigation

This is as same you are living at your home and you have invited friends to your place. They make a call to you to reach your place. If your address is typical and roads are barren towards your home, they think twice to visit your place. Likewise in your e-commerce site, customer demands clearance. Another thing that engages your clients is UX (User Experience). If they find ease in browsing your site or not, UX deals with it.

5. Content

This is the base of any website and without it, one cannot expect the long-term success of the business. But your content needs to be fresh and unique. Hire a good content writer to write versatile blogs that connects your target audience. Try to add at least 2 new blog per week in the blog section. This helps to improve the SERP of your site.

6. Mobile-friendly responsive website

If you have already done working on making your website mobile-friendly, go to the mobile-friendly tool provided by Google. Here you can paste the URL of your site and you’ll get the answer. If you haven’t done this task, do it as soon as possible. For this you need to work on:

    • Website response system
    • Website speed
    • Design simple yet catchy
    • Button sizes large
    • Avoid using Flash
    • Perform regular mobile testing
7. Live-chat feature

Don’t rely on replying after 5-6 hours this imparts a bad impression. If the visitor of your website is facing any difficulty and want a quick response, this feature helps you a lot to get benefits. E-commerce consulting should include customer satisfaction tools and this feature serves well for it.

8. Good marketing

Don’t forget to bring your clients to your social media sites where you have to use exceptional marketing strategies. Also, mention your social media accounts as icons on the bottom of your site. From there, they can see the effort you have done and the quality you are providing that is needed by your business.

9. About us page

The about us page holds special importance that could not be neglected. It is the back_ end story of your business. You can write it as:

“We are abcd from abcd area working for more than 7 years in this business. First, we launched our commerce as a small startup and we gradually grow. We have the reviews of 1 million buyers that are completely satisfied with us”.

10. FAQs

Add this portion too to engage your clients with you and so they can sort out their confusion regarding your offerings or product listings.


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